Welcome to our Yoga Holiday and Travel site

We are a small tour operator offering Yoga holiday and Yoga retreats in the Alps, in Europe, especially Germany and Italy, and Asia.
In our journeys our aim is to combine yoga with outdoor activities like trekking or snowshoeing in winter in beautiful surroundings and enjoy also healthy cuisine and local traditions.
We offer Yoga week-ends, Yoga and hiking retreats an special Yoga weeks with Frosch-Sportreisen.

If you are new to Yoga, spend a Yoga and hiking week-end with us will and we will give you a solid basis for your future practice. We will take personal care to your needs and dedicate some extra time to teach you the basics.
If you are an experienced yogi and traveler and you want to deepen your practice, check out our long distance trips, like our next yoga holiday to India, to the source of Yoga.

The hikes last 4-5 hours, so every healthy and active person can easily manage them.
Traveling Yoga group size is pretty small: 6 – 12 people of all ages. We want to keep the groups small in order to enjoy a more personal trip. We speak different languages, so don’t worry if you are not fluent in German, our groups have always many nationalities.

We chose small family run guesthouses located in beautiful and quiet places, with local and organic cuisine. We take care of your vegetarian/vegan menu preferences.
Traveling Yoga trips are ideal for nature lovers and people who care about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you want to recharge your batteries in an active way, doing sports, relax with yoga, combine culture with yummy traditional cuisine book a Yoga holiday with us!

We are located in Munich, Germany, and we offer also Business Yoga in your office or working place.