Yoga Retreats

In our yoga & hiking holiday retreats you will find the perfect combination of outdoor activities, culture, traditions and the contact with the locals combined with a balanced yoga and meditation practice.
Our aim is to give you the unique and authentic experience of the places we visit. We will discover culture, traditions, stunning landscapes, the rich cuisine and at the same time you will have time to be active doing sports and relax too.
Whenever possible, we will travel with local transportation, to get a real sense of the distance and to keep in contact with the local people. We have chosen to stay in small guesthouses, giving you the chance to enjoy the authentic way of living of the region we will discover together. This is also a good way to support small local family business and regional NGO programs. A yoga and hiking holiday with us is a full immersion in nature and traditions.
We will do moderate hiking, bike trips and we will spend a lot of time outdoor. We have experienced ourselves that this is the best way to relax and reconnect with nature and with your inner self. To keep the balance between travel and relaxation we integrate an effective program of yoga and meditation. We offer different styles of Hatha Yoga and both active and sitting meditation.
Taking about travels, we describe them as comfy backpacking: still very active and energetic, but at the same time enjoying the comfort of a homely guesthouse, of a double room with private bathroom and the good local cuisine. We will try to offer vegetarian options wherever possible.
We invite you to discover our way of traveling: actively, in small international groups, close contact with nature and the locals, green and relaxed.

About our yoga holidays (partly in German):


New Year: Yoga and Hiking in Tenerife

29th December 2017 – 03rd January 2018

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